Plane Departing LAX

This was photographed through the sunroof of our vehicle while on vacation in Los Angeles. We were on a road that ran along the west side of LAX and I was able to take this shot using my Apple iPhone 6.

Hummingbird Silhouette

At the end of our hiking trip, we stayed in the Kings Canyon Lodge. When we awoke in the morning, we were treated to dozens of hummingbirds feeding at multiple feeders. The intention behind this photograph was to catch the silhouette of the birds against the clear...

Kings Canyon Beauty

As will be the case in many photographs from my backpacking trips, I take hundreds of photographs in the hopes that the composition, color and imagery reflects what I saw at the time. This is one of those photos from my trip to Kings Canyon National Park in...

Sun Ring

Following my theme of looking up – this was a unique visual of a ring around the sun that I was able to capture. This link explains how these “halos” are formed and why we see them around both the sun and moon on...

Kings Canyon Scenery

During my backpacking trips, I snap hundreds of photographs in the hopes that one or two good images come out where the composition, color and imagery capture in the photograph what I saw with my own eyes. This is one of those examples at Kings Canyon that I feel...

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