Weekly KIT (Keri In Training) #2 – 2021

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Video Transcript
Hey good morning so it is Saturday June 12th and as I’ve indicated over the past few weeks, my intent is to share my ongoing story of training for the Air Force Marathon.  So I actually come to you guys today from a different location. I am at another one of my favorite places in northwest Ohio – Farnsworth Metropark.

What you see in the background, I guess up there over my shoulder, is the old interurban rail probably from back in the uh 20s and 30s. So an interesting part about going live is always wondering what you want to share and what you want to talk about. So there’s a couple of different things that are on my mind today and one of those is what I think are the three key areas of being ready for a long run or being ready for running in general. I would say that those three areas are 1) getting good rest 2) being hydrated and 3) nutrition. So, I actually want to take a couple of moments to speak to the nutrition aspect of things. This is coming out of a dinner that I had last night which is prompting the conversation this morning.  My wife and I are vegan. She’s 100% vegan while I am fine-tuning a few things in the weeks ahead. But at the end of the day we’ve been plant-based for well over six or seven years.  So it is definitely possible to train and run a full marathon on a vegan plant-based diet.

And I would actually even argue that when it’s done properly, it would probably provide you greater amounts of of energy for being able to train well.  To some degree, that has been proven out in a movie that I would encourage you to watch if you’re at all interested in checking out veganism. It’s called Game Changers and you can find it on Netflix. It is an interesting study in what a a plant-based vegan diet can do to actually enhance your abilities.  Where this is coming from today is from a conversation Juli and I had at dinner with my brother yesterday.  We went to a place in Toledo called Spicy Tuna.  It is a great sushi restaurant and they have one of the best vegan menus in northwest Ohio. We had a great discussion with my brother yesterday and there’s nobody more knowledgeable on the topic of veganism and more passionate about it than my wife.  I just want to thank my brother, Dan, for his inquisitive questions and just a great conversation around the topic not to mention just the opportunity to see him in person and spend some time with him.  So with that, I am getting ready to do six miles today.  That is my second week of my training schedule, to do six and then we’ll find in the weeks ahead, it’s gonna ramp up pretty uh pretty quickly.  So, everybody have a great weekend and I still have an announcement coming, that hopefully I can get to later this week.  So have a great day. Bye.


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