Keri In Training (KIT) – Pre-Training #2

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Video Transcript – please forgive any grammar issues taken from the live transcript.

Good morning everybody. Today is Saturday, May 29th and I am back at Wildwood in Toledo, Ohio getting ready to do my next run. I wrote down a couple things today that I wanted to talk about. I have to kind of chuckle because on the way over here this morning, I got to thinking that Dave’s Running Group here in Toledo does what’s called their Marathon In Training or MIT. That got me thinking about what I’m doing and this weekly update is Keri In Training. And since us marketing guys always love to brand shit, it is my Weekly KIT

So, there are a couple things I want to talk about today that are related to running and then there are just some other things that are on my mind that I wanted to bring up today.  By no way, shape or form am I a running expert or a running coach for that matter, but what is somewhat unique is that this training is for my fifth marathon – so I do have a few miles under my belt. And, the schedule that I’m following – some of my friends from Columbus will appreciate this – because I’ve really just resorted back to going to what I consider a simpler plan to follow. It is basically four days of running with some cross-training. There is a long run in the middle – I think it’s like Wednesday’s – a semi-long run. Then of course the long runs are on Saturdays.

What made that schedule unique was the fact that it followed a run-walk-run format, which I would highly advise anybody that’s just starting out to consider this format of running. It has saved me numerous times as it just makes it easier on the body to control your breathing. I believe it was created by a guy by the name of Jeff Galloway.  He does write books on it, but I’m inclined to say that basically, you run for nine minutes and then you walk for a minute. This will put you back on the zeros, so at 10 minutes you run another nine and when you get to 19 minutes you do the same – walk for one minute. It just makes it easy to follow that format as I build up my miles.

I will be wearing a belt with water bottles, likewise, as I get even into higher mileage, I will start putting out water stations for myself or basically creating a course that will take me near places where I know that I can get something to drink. Today is five miles and this is the last weekend before my build-up to being prepared to start my 16-week training that will lead to the Air Force Marathon.

I will say that anybody that is going to be doing something for the October time period, you still do have time to do a little bit of a ramp-up. That schedule for running a fall marathon really begins in the first week of July. If you are going to be running a half marathon, you want to have a base of three miles. I am getting ready to be prepared to start next week my 16 weeks for a full marathon and I will have a base of five miles.  Next weekend will be a six-mile run already, so nothing like jumping right into it.

A couple of the other things that I wanted to mention . . . last weekend I said that I was going to be in the Air Force Marathon down in Dayton in September.  I really did not give a reason why behind that marathon – it will be special for me because both my father and my father-in-law served in the Air Force, and so I am doing it really in honor of both of them. I have had to defer it twice, so this is why I’m 100% committed this year to see it through.  This weekend, in fact, is going to be the six-year anniversary of my father-in-law’s passing. It makes everything that I will be doing this year extra special – just in memory of both of them.

The other thing that makes this weekend relatively unique (everybody who knows me realizes that there’s an entrepreneur in me just crying to get out) so last year at this time, I was partnered with four other guys and we were planting 25 acres of hemp this weekend.

I am no longer in the hemp business. It was an interesting year, to say the least – another one of those learning experiences where we saw it through. What I can say about that experience, is to make sure you know who you are going into business with. And this isn’t specific to hemp – but know your partners and know your market.

Once again, I am sitting here chuckling to myself because we did it for a year and quickly realized that we were a year late to the game.  As of today, we are basically sitting on sixty thousand pounds of frozen hemp in New York so it will get processed soon enough and that chapter will be over.

On the topic of entrepreneurism, there is another message I will be sharing with everybody.  It is nothing really that is not out there; people do know about it, but I will probably be going live later this week after I tidy up a few things – to be able to share the news online because of course, nothing’s real until it’s actually out there online, right?

It is a chilly day today.  It is 44 degrees but feels like it’s 38, so I have a vest on. I’m going to put a stocking cap on and I’m going to get my five miles done.  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, and I will talk to you all again soon. Bye.



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