Four Brain Boosts for Better Focus

Four Brain Boosts for Better Focus

Today, society demands that we always be on our A-game. Not just “on the ball,” but “in front of the ball.” Whatever your preferred metaphor, to function successfully in the world today, you need to be focused. But this can be difficult. Between distractions, brain...

Homebuilder Intro to Growing Your Sales – A Free Discovery Session from The Builder Marketer

Video Transcript Discover how to implement a growth plan that will have you engaging customers and growing your sales in a structured and predictable manner. Hi, my name is Keri Samiec. I wanted to take a moment to share some details around our 90-Day Growth...
Things You Should be Eating for Better Focus

Things You Should be Eating for Better Focus

Food and the nutrients they provide are the building blocks of our bodies and minds. Properly fueling your body is the perfect way to make sure your mind is ready to take on the day. 1. BlueberriesEating these tasty berries will not turn you into Violet Beauregarde,...

That’s One Way to Get More Likes

This adorable young child and her grandmother visited my client, Koraleski Flowers, so Darren took a few moments to snap this pictures. With permission from the grandmother and mother, they were posted to the clients Facebook page and the family tagged. Needless to...

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